Start with the plunger back

High density does not mean hard starting. When the machine is stopped, the smart brake stops the plunger away from the bale face. Since the plunger does not press on the bale face at startup, initial harsh-starting torque loads are virtually eliminated.

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SmartShift™ gearbox

The award-winning SmartShift gearbox features two-speed startup technology to deliver even smoother baler engagement, so your tractor’s driveline is always protected. How does it work? Once the PTO reaches 850 rpm, the easy-start feature engages the baler and automatically shifts from 1st to 2nd gear, accelerating the flywheel to a maximum speed of 1440 rpm at full PTO speed.

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High-energy flywheel

BigBaler 340 High Density balers feature a flywheel that is 130-pounds heavier than the one found on BigBaler PLUS balers. It also has a 16% larger diameter, coming in at 42.5 inches (1080 mm), and turns faster to deliver 230% more energy.

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The new super-duty main gearbox has two drive gears driving the main output gear, which leads to an increased gear-to-gear surface contact area for greater durability and more efficient, balanced power load distribution.

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