A new, even more robust frame has been designed to withstand higher-density loads created by the baler. The new main gearbox is mounted to the top beam to reduce crop accumulation underneath and increase durability. Additionally, the drawbar is not part of the main frame to facilitate height adjustment via the dedicated height adjustment rods, which is convenient when baling with different tractors.

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The new hydraulic suspension system delivers improved ground following and ensures perfect weight distribution across all four wheels. On uneven terrain, when the front wheel goes up, the rear wheel goes down, which improves field-hugging performance and reduces tire wear.

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Auto-steer tandem axles

The Auto-Steer tandem axle provides efficient turning and less stubble damage. The baler’s wheelbase has also been extended to deliver a best-in-class steering angle for even tighter turns, resulting in shorter headlands, easy road transport, and improved servicing access.

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Larger diameter tires, up to 59 inches tall, can be fitted to the BigBaler 340 High Density to help reduce soil compaction. Choose the standard 600/50 R22.5 tires, or upgrade to the 620/55 R26.5 tires for the lightest possible footprint. Regardless of tire choice, transport width remains less than ten-feet wide down the road.

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