The BigBaler 340 High Density can deliver up to 22% higher-density bales than other conventional large square balers, and up to 15% more when compared to the BigBaler 340 PLUS.

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The plunger plays a critical role in bale density, which is why the BigBaler 340 High Density has an improved plunger design. This plunger provides impressive results, delivering a 29.5-inch (748-mm) stroke, 48 times per minute, with extreme plunger force that is 58% greater than BigBaler 340 PLUS models for even denser bales.

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The BigBaler 340 High Density benefits from adjustable precompression chamber technology developed for high-density baling. Crop is fed into the chamber and held there until it reaches the correct density. Improvements have been made to the control fingers – including their construction and motion – to deliver even more consistency and higher density.

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The real technological revolution that delivers industry-leading density for the BigBaler 340 High Density is the rear-mounted density ring. The unique design features three, double-acting, top-mounted cylinders and two double-acting cylinders on each side to create a pressure ring that opens and closes the density doors with precision. This system also features rapid door closing, which means you can get back to baling even quicker.

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better control with a long bale chamber

To deliver consistent productivity regarding density and bale shape over the entire baling day, the bale chamber is over 13 feet, 3 inches long – the longest in the industry. Even on the hottest day, dry and slick crops are no problem for the BigBaler 340 High Density’s bale chamber.

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