Stronger knots AND fewer broken bales

Delivering up to a 26% increase in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages, the Loop Master™ double knotting system forms the first knot in each bale with a loop style, which is 37% stronger compared to a standard or conventional large square baler knot. Perhaps more importantly, this knotting system eliminates twine offcuts, resulting in cleaner fields and feed – a great advantage for export hay producers. This system saves nearly four miles of twine every 10,000 bales.

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Shielding around the knotter helps to keep the system free of chaff. To design this shielding, New Holland used advanced fluid dynamics to analyze air flow and eliminate dead spots of air that could lead to debris build-up. The result? BigBaler High Density balers tie bales flawlessly in even the dustiest crops.  

Three electric fans are standard, and the flywheel’s webbing is fan-blade-shaped to keep air moving and the entire baler cleaner and cooler.  

An optional compressed blowoff kit is available for working in the harshest conditions. The system's 21 nozzles are positioned to help keep the knotting system even cleaner when baling.

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Individual miss-tie flags and electronic miss-tie sensors are standard equipment to identify the individual knotter that miss-tied. When a bale is tied incorrectly, the monitor alerts the operator with an audible alarm and a symbol on the monitor.

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