MyPLM Connect enables you to connect to your BigBaler 340 High Density from the comfort of your office and monitor and features over 27 operating parameters through the utilization of the mobile network. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times and even send and receive real-time information, helping to save you time and enhance your productivity.  

The Farm tab on the MyPLM Connect portal is where you can analyze all field data transferred on the MyPLM Connect network. Even better, you can map bale data. This information is recorded in real time while baling, then automatically uploads via the connected vehicle. This data is also available on the MyPLM Connect Farm mobile app, which can be used by a telehandler or loader tractor operator to selectively load bales. When equipped, the moisture, weight, location, density, and flake count is recorded for each bale.

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When units are not connected to the MyPLM Connect portal via telematics, or when connectivity service is limited, manual data logging is most practical. The IntelliView™ monitor allows you to save bale weight, moisture, yield monitoring, GPS drop points and other valuable data to track jobs and field/crop performance (if equipped with New Holland Precision Land Management™ equipment).

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aef certified, isobus compliant

During long baling days, small things can make a big difference. The user interface is displayed on the IntelliView IV large color touchscreen display, or other virtual terminal displays found in ISOBUS compliant tractors.

The interface has been completely redesigned to enable operators to control the main functions from the screen, including specific, direct-access “action” buttons that can be used to control features such as bale density, bale length and PTO engagement.

The IntelliView IV large color touchscreen display and harnessing are available for non-ISOBUS compliant tractors for a similar user interface and experience.

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Smartfill™ II SYSTEM

To ensure uniform, consistently good-looking bales, the SmartFill II system uses calibrated load cell sensors on the plunger to ensure uniform left and right fill. The system also indicates if the position of the baler needs to be adjusted in relation to the swath.

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For the highest level of precision, bale length is controlled from the tractor cab on every BigBaler. Simply set the length (118 inches maximum) and go. “Smart” star wheels track the actual length of the bale and trigger the knotters at exactly the right time. When a field or job is finished, tying of an unfinished bale is done safely from the cab. The standard Bale-Eject™ feature allows you to choose partial or full bale ejection to clear the chamber before moving on.

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precision MOISTURE SENsing

The BigBaler 340 High Density moisture sensor options displayed on the IntelliView monitor allow you to make on-the-go baling decisions when crop isn’t ready. The two-star wheels penetrate the bale and pass an electric current between the two elements to determine the exact moisture of the bale. This moisture sensing option is expandable to New Holland CropSaver™ hay preservative. When conditions call for closely monitoring bale moisture without the use of preservatives, such as when baling straw, the rub-pad moisture sensors provide an accurate bale moisture.

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An optional rear-mounted viewing camera allows you to see bale delivery and accumulator activity in real time on the IntelliView monitor. With a larger IntelliView IV monitor, you can choose full-screen or split-screen viewing, or you can view one as an inset picture while monitoring baler functions. A second camera can also be added to monitor other baler functions.

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During baling, the Crop RFV system option measures the weight of the bale and moisture content based on the leaf-to-stem ratio to calculate your Relative Feed Value (RFV), or the nutritional value of the bale. The Crop RFV system requires the ActiveWeigh™ on-the-go bale weight system and a precision farming moisture sensor option. You can also Pair the CropID™ system or a dye marker kit to easily identify bales within a specific RVF range to make feeding even easier. Contact your local New Holland dealer for complete compatibility details.

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When you treat hay with New Holland CropSaver hay preservative, you can bale at moistures up to 30% without worrying about heating or mold damage. This means you can start baling earlier and stay in the field later to finish on your schedule, no matter the weather conditions. CropSaver preservative also helps to maintain both the fresh smell and green color of hay, even after it's stored. Choose an electronic applicator control system to set and maintain a constant application rate, or an optional automatic control system that accurately senses moisture on the go and adjusts the application of preservative every three seconds to match the condition of the hay.

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The multi-award-winning ActiveWeigh™ on-the-go bale weight system boasts industry-leading accuracy of +/- 2%. It is integrated with the soft drop two-piece roller bale chute and measures the weight of the bale at the exact moment it balances on the rear of the roller chute prior to tipping off onto the ground.

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All data for individual bales is tracked and stored in the IntelliView monitor as a standard feature. The award-winning, optional CropID system gives you the convenience of storing all that valuable information with the bale by applying a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag to each individual bale. This system allows you to come back later with a scanner and retrieve data for ultimate in bale traceability.

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The IntelliCruise feed rate control system uses ISOBUS technology to automatically match your tractor’s forward speed to crop load to maintain a constant feed rate while baling.  

• Dramatically-reduced operator fatigue
• Up to 9% higher capacity and productivity compared to an inexperienced or fatigued operator
• Up to 4% fuel savings to reduce production costs  

IntelliCruise is available on BigBaler 340 High Density balers and requires a New Holland or CNHi-brand ISOBUS Class III tractor and precision farming unlock codes. Contact your local New Holland dealer for complete compatibility details.  

TWO OPERATING MODES: Charge Control Mode – Adjusts the tractor’s speed automatically to meet optimum capacity. The system measures the throughput of crop yield fed into the pre-charge chamber, and the time needed to fill the chamber.

Slice Control Mode - Adjusts the tractor’s speed according to bale slice thickness. The system creates the number of slices defined by the operator (with corresponding slice thickness based on pre-set bale length).

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