Sure-start bale formation

The chain and slat system quickly tumbles crop material to start the baling process. As the bale forms, the chains and slats shape the bale, increasing pressure on incoming material to form a lower density core, ideal for feeding and bedding, while applying maximum density on the outside third of the bale which contains the most hay, forming a dense water repelling shell.

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Tough conditions? Get a positive start

As material enters the bale chamber, it is forced to tumble and start to roll by the combined action of the ribbed floor rolls and the revolving slats. Bales form consistently, even when the swath is uneven or wet, sticky or both.

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More slats for a consistent bale

A key design feature of the RF Utility balers is the close spacing between each slat. More slats ensure efficient compression of incoming material throughout the formation of the bale for consistent density.

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Choose between three density settings

A simple, mechanical bale density system provides three settings. Make changes using the lever on the front of the baler.
• Green setting for a less dense bale
• Yellow setting for an intermediate bale density
• Red produces the densest bale

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