Wide and hungry pickups to suit your swath needs

The pickup is key to baler performance. RF Utility balers feature a 2.0-meter pickup, while the RF450 SuperFeed™ pickup is 2.25 meters wide. These extra-wide pickups are ideal for consuming large windrows from high-yielding crops.

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More tines for a clean sweep

Four tine bars with closely spaced tines across the full width of the pickup ensure a clean sweep and even feeding of the swath into the bale chamber. Two stub augers create well-packed bale edges.

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Windguard stuffer feeder for smoother flow

The simple, proven windguard feeder helps to both flatten and flow the swath as it enters the bale chamber. Select from two operational modes – floating or fixed – to optimize ground speed.

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RF450 SuperFeed rotor feeder

The RF450 SuperFeed baler features a shearbolt-protected rotor feeder with tines mounted in a spiral pattern to actively feed material into the bale chamber.

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Large feed opening

The bale chamber feed opening is the full bale width, with a generous clearance between the front of the bale chamber and floor roll to allow for large swaths.

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Rubber pickup wheels

Pneumatic rubber pickup wheels provide excellent ground following for clean crop gathering.

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Robust tine bar bushings

The tine bars are mounted in robust bushings and are designed to have a long service life with no need for maintenance. When the bushings are worn, you can quickly and easily replace them, reducing costs and downtime.

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