Net, twine or both

You can specify your RF baler with both twine and net, just twine or just net.

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Easy loading

The simple RF baler design makes adding new twine or net quick and easy, right from ground level. Add up to four spools of twine and two rolls of net wrap under an opening panel at the front of the baler. There are no special clips or fasteners to fiddle with – just follow simple installation settings and you are ready for work.

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Auto-Wrap™ monitor

When the bale is fully formed, the Auto-Wrap™ monitor alerts you with an audible signal, then initiates the twine or net wrap process automatically. The digital readout displays total and daily bale counts.

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Simple bale ejector

The simple bale ejector provides a spring-loaded guide to ease the bale to the ground to protect net wrap from damage.

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Mechanical tailgate lock

A pair of mechanical hooks lock the tailgate shut. The Auto-Wrap™ system monitors the pressure on the hooks and alerts you when the bale is fully formed.

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