The New Holland Injection Toolbar applies liquid fertilizer between the corn rows and into the soil root zones, precisely where and when your crop needs it most. Used with your Guardian™ front boom sprayer, the Injection Toolbar fuels corn growth, applying liquid N just before maximum uptake which occurs between the 6- to 8-leaf stage and tasseling. (Nitrogen should be applied in the 3-4 to 6-8 leaf stage to ensure ready availability during the critical growth period to follow.)
No crop burning – incorporates liquid N into the soil, unlike broadcasting fertilizer
Minimize fertilizer loss – not like ground-applied liquid fertilizer, which can be lost due to volatilization, especially without sufficient rainfall
The flexibility to match growing conditions – adjust, increase or forego application as you see fit
Choice of three widths – 26, 36 or 38 feet


For accurate dual fertilizer application that saves time and minimizes costs, add the NutraBoss system. It’s an easy-on, easy-off, lightweight and flexible solution that meets all your late-stage Nitrogen application needs. Dual tube distribution provides accurate product flow to sidedress close to the root zone where nutrients are readily absorbed by plants.

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This option allows for use of a combination of up to three chemical injection pumps and four separate mid-mount chemical tanks that are easy to access from the platform. When used in conjunction with water in the main tank, you can vary chemical application across the field by prescription.


• 4-Wheel Steer is available for all models – rear wheels follow the front wheel tracks
• Center section rear boom kit (Tall Crops)
• 90-, 100-, 120-, 132- and 135-foot booms available on all models
• Quick Attach boom option
• Belly pan kits for both short and long frame models
• High output HID light package, egress/ingress LED platform lighting, fill station light and engine compartment light. Note: Standard light package is LED
• Foam marker
• IntelliHeight XRT™ boom height control system
• Chemical Eductor option
• Reversible engine fan
• IntelliView™ IV color, 10.5-inch, touchscreen display is available as an option from the factory for full precision application, mapping and data logging, and available PLM™ Connect telematics for real-time monitoring and fleet management.
• Raven Viper® IV controller is also available for full precision application, mapping and data logging
• Trimble field computers and guidance are available through CNH parts (dealer installed)

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