Guardian™ sprayers are designed to make full use of New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM™) technology, allowing you to dramatically improve operator performance and comfort.

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The IntelliSpray™ nozzle system features individual pulsing valves for more flexibility to select operating speed, with the added benefit of increased spray consistency and maximum crop coverage. If equipped with a Raven Viper 4+ monitor, individual nozzle control can be unlocked.

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Both the Deluxe and Luxury cabs are pre-wired from the factory for New Holland IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance. The IntelliSteer™ system offers complete machine direction control at the touch of a button, ensuring straight, parallel passes that eliminate skips and overlaps. The IntelliSteer system uses built-in T3 terrain-compensation signals (roll, pitch, yaw), to maintain spraying accuracy even in rough and rolling terrain.
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New Holland offers a wide range of accuracy options so you can choose the level and accuracy and repeatability that best fits your needs. Using an RTK base station, you can achieve sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy.
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PLM Connect™

Use New Holland PLM Connect telematics as your eyes and ears to get real-time information on every machine working in your fields. Using the online virtual dashboard, you know the location and status of each machine to make the best decisions and advise operators so you can maximize uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimize fuel consumption. You can also use geofencing and curfew technology for the ultimate in machine security and peace of mind.
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PLM™ Drone Data Management

Timing is everything when it comes to making smart and effective decisions for your operation. New Holland has collaborated with DroneDeploy® to provide you with UAV Software that is innovative, industry leading, and easy to use. PLM Drone Data Management gives you the tools to make timely agronomic decisions when you need them. It allows you to pinpoint potential problem areas in your field with GPS location. A single tool allows you to manage flight operations, imagery upload, and analysis with no manual flying required. Use the system to assist with crop scouting, drainage assessment, stockpile management and more! You can export, save and share data and imagery to help with your decisions.

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PLM Software

By using advanced PLM software, like PLM™ Viewer, PLM™ Mapping, PLM™ and Books allows you to improve the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Go to PLM Software Web Page

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The IntelliView™ IV color, 10.5-inch, touchscreen display is available as an option from the factory. The IntelliView IV monitor allows you to control boom height, section controls, prescription applications and auto guidance (if so equipped) – all from one monitor. The display offers direct USB connectivity for data collection, and can provide summaries for product applied and area worked – by farm, by field, by operator, by crop and more.

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If you prefer, you can request your Guardian™ sprayer with Raven precision options factory installed. Choose the Raven Viper® IV controller for automatic sectional boom control, boom height control, auto-guidance, mapping and data-logging capabilities.

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New Holland Agriculture has developed this tool to assist you in selecting the correct PLM precision farming solutions for your operation based on your equipment, your crop cycle and PLM products. The “What’s New” section includes valuable information on product updates and new product releases.

How to Download
The PLM Solution Application is available for iOS and Android operating systems, in smartphone and tablet versions. The Application can also be accessed on desktop PCs via the New Holland Dealer Portal. The Application works offline so you have access to the information remotely whether in the field, at the farm office or dealership.

To Download go to:
•Apple-App Store
•Android-Google Play Store


The online PLM™ Portal is open-all hours, serving as one stop shop for all of your PLM questions. If you would like to speak to a highly trained operator, then call the dedicated PLM™ Top Service number.

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Via the My PLM™ Portal, you can receive an upgraded service, with online support, together with classroom training in your own language. You can browse the latest PLM news, search for additional product information and user guides as well as accessing the “My Account” area which contains all of your own personalized information. You can even find out how to get even more from your PLM solution with on-line training videos and tutorials.

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Guardian self-propelled sprayers are backed by the New Holland Top Service call center with a low-cost subscription. Highly trained operators are waiting to take your call and resolve any potential issues and answer any questions you may have.

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Knowing what the conditions were at the time of a spraying application can be a huge factor in understanding the success of the application. The ISOBUS Weather Station available from your local New Holland Dealer gives you real-time local weather information so you can see what the conditions are as you are working, as well as knowing the approximate wind drift. This information is saved with the field information so you can pull it up later for evaluation or for your environmental record keeping.

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With the release of the PST 1710 software package, you now have a choice of how to log the Weather Station output data on the IntelliView IV display, by either using the ISOBUS Task Controller or by installing the Weather Station dynamic link library (DLL). When installed on the display, the Weather Station DLL can be used to log the weather data into a csv file, which is written to the USB stick plugged into the display. Version 2017.05 of PLM Mapping Desktop Software has the ability to read this csv file and locate the data under the correct grower/farm/field/operation.

The release of this new DLL means that the ISOBUS Weather Station can now be used on those vehicle applications which cannot run the ISOBUS Task Controller.

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