T5 Series tractors deliver the power you need for loading, making hay and much more. They boast the latest in engine technology thanks to in-house engine development specialist: FPT Industrial. Their award-winning Hi-eSCR solutions has been extensively tested and have clinched numerous awards.

MODELS T5.130 AND T5.140

The two most powerful T5 tractors are powered by an FPT Industrial NEF four-cylinder, 4.5-liter engine that produces maximum horsepower ranging from 130-140 hp. The NEF 4.5 liter engine has an ideal power curve, delivering peak power at 1800 rpm, which is perfectly aligned with the most frequently used engine speeds for both PTO and road work.


The T5.130 and T5.140 comply with Stage 5 emissions standards, which mandate a further 40% reduction of Particulate Matter content compared to previous Tier 4B / Stage 4 regulation. This is achieved thanks to the new HI-eSCR 2 technology developed by FPT Industrial. This innovative after-treatment system is a maintenance-free, patented solution that minimizes operating costs. The NEF 4.5 liter engine features a compact and simple layout that is EGR-free and has been neatly packaged under the hood, resulting in improved visibility, extreme productivity and reliability

MODELS T5.90, T5.100, T5.110 AND T5.120

These T5 Series tractors feature 3.4-L, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engines with common-rail fuel injection to maximize power and efficiency. These super-quiet engines develop between 107 and 117 horsepower and up to 362 lbs/feet of torque for guaranteed productivity. Add in a power-to-weight ratio of 85.7 lbs/hp and you have a perfect farming partner. Low emissions are achieved with the ECOBlue™ Compact HI-eSCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction) with light CEGR (Cooled Exhaust Recirculation). This solution requires no diesel particulate filter (DPF) and no need for regeneration or operator input or the inconvenience of stopping. It all adds up to outstanding efficiency, which is what you’ve come to expect of the Clean Energy Leader.


Transient response is your productivity guarantee. Put simply, since your T5 engine breathes only clean fresh air, it can react more quickly when placed under load. So when you’re transporting fully loaded trailers or grain carts and you encounter a hill, you’ll be able to maintain constant forward speed with quicker engine rpm recovery.


A versatile mid size tractor needs to be equally suited to PTO and heavy draft applications. With Engine Speed Management (ESM), the advanced engine management system precisely fuels the engine so it accommodates fluctuations in engine load while maintaining the desired engine speed. For convenience, two engine speeds can be memorized. You can then simply toggle between the speeds using a button on the transmission controller. In applications where a constant PTO speed is required, just select Engine Speed Management to ensure the speed is maintained even under changing loads. In many applications, this allows you to maintain a fixed forward speed in difficult terrain.

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