T6 Series tractors are now available in 2WD, allowing you to take advantage of the comfort and deluxe features of these premium tractors without the expense of 4WD. With 2WD, you maneuver easily in tight quarters with a loader or mixer/feeder wagon, and make quick headland turns while haymaking. Your visibility is superior from the Horizon™ cab, and the Electro Command™ push-button semi-powershift transmission makes operation easy.

T6 2WD tractor uses include:
• Haymaking, mixer/feeder wagons and chore work that requires enhanced maneuverability
• Jobs that don’t require heavy draft loads or extensive operation on hills
• Roadside mowing applications
• Operations looking for a lower price point with a semi-power shift transmission mid-range premium tractor

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Removing the front wheel drive (FWD) feature allows for a significant reduction in purchase price while still offering premium mid-range tractor with benefits like the Electro Command™ semi-power shift transmission, ultra-quiet Horizon™ cab and optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension.

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With 2WD, you maneuver easily. The 2WD version is perfect for flat to rolling hill work including hay making, feeder wagon chores, mowing and roadside fleet applications.

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Operating visibility is significantly enhanced toward the front thanks to smaller front wheels.

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The 2WD model is available for all Electro Command™ semi-power transmission models, featuring eight push-button power shifts across 16 gears with AutoShift™ and 32-speed creeper option.The 16th gear (transport gear) is an ECO transmission offering, that reduces engine speed at maximum transport speed of 19 MPH to make for more fuel-efficient operations.

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Additional 2WD features

• All rear tires/wheels offered for 4WD versions are available for the 2WD version.
• 2WD tractor maximum travel speed is limited to 19 MPH (30KPH) due to braking action is only possible with the rear wheels.
• IntelliSteer™ Lite auto guidance system is available  for 2WD T6 tractors through CNH Service Parts.
• T6 2WD is only offered with the Electro Command™ semi-power shift tractors.

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