Smarttrax II

4 wheel drive SmartTrax™ II trax system

Compared with a twin track configuration, a four wheel drive or quad system has the following benefits:

  • Easier turning
  • Less soil damage during turns
  • No power loss when turning
Unique high idler modules are designed to move over debris to reduce soil berming. The high idler allows easier movement over difficult terrain and over debris.

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SmartTrax™ II trax system

Available on the three 44” wide-frame tractors, offering from 535-620 engine rated HP.
SmartTrax II feature a 36” belt, which provides a 2800 sq/in of ground contact per module.
A T9 with SmartTrax II has a total foot print of 11,200 sq/in for reduced ground pressure and increased traction.

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Precision engineered for rugged durability and extended service intervals

Largest drive wheel in the industry.
100% direct drive system – no friction elements that can slip in very wet conditions.
8 drive lugs always engaged which reduces load per belt lug for extended durability.
Rigid uni-body design means no track re alignment.
Extended service interval – check bogey wheels once a year and change at 5,000 hrs.

  • Use on the tractor for spring planting and change to your combine for harvest.
  • Rotate to your next tractor lease/purchase

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