Exactly what it says on the hood

The New Holland numbering strategy makes the tractor's performance immediately known to all users. How? It's on the hood! The strategy uses two key elements. The first letter, T, and following digit, for example 7, denote the tractor's family: the higher the number, the larger the tractor, and the numbers following the dot inform you of the tractor's maximum horsepower, either maximum Engine Power Management for tractors which benefit from it or maximum for all others. Read below to find out more.

Maximum horsepower

The maximum horsepower that is available to operators in all working conditions. All tractors without Engine Power Management will use maximum horsepower for their numbering.

Maximum Engine Power Management horsepower

Tractors which benefit from Engine Power Management (EPM) technology can produce additional horsepower based on the load on the transmission, PTO shaft and continuous hydraulic operations. This additional horsepower can increase productivity in varying terrains and applications by giving the operator a consistent horsepower.