Speedrower® PLUS windrowers can incorporate the very latest Precision Land Management (PLM™) technology, keeping you on a straight path to increased productivity. At the touch of a button, you can increase efficiency and comfort, while decreasing operational costs and improving your bottom line.

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For maximum productivity, choose the factory-installed and tested IntelliSteer automatic steering system. IntelliSteer is fully-integrated to provide you with complete steering control at the touch of a button, which means you can focus more on mowing and less on operating the machine. With the SensiDrive™ electrohydraulic ground drive system, performance, response, and accuracy have significantly improved compared to previous models. As a result, these windrowers are faster, easier to operate, and more efficient. All models are IntelliSteer-ready and the system works directly the IntelliView IV display as the single interface without the need for a second monitor.

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To meet the remote operation management and technology needs of customers like you, New Holland developed the MyPLM Connect farm management system to put you in control of your farm from anywhere. Through integrated solutions that link farm, fleet, and data, MyPLM Connect helps you optimize your time by providing the information you need to make informed agronomic decisions. With your phone or tablet, you can see the location of your Speedrower PLUS, as well as view operating parameters and efficiency, receive notifications, monitor maintenance and more.

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This main entry point links you directly to MyPLM Connect and other New Holland portals, plus houses valuable information, such as equipment literature and seasonal promotions. For enhanced support, like requesting upgrades and subscription activations/renewals, consider granting your dealership access to your fleet.

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Precision technology can help make a good operator even better and that’s exactly what the IntelliCruise automation system does. With two unique driving modes, IntelliCruise optimizes the windrower for productivity or economy. With the Power Cruise Mode active, you can select a maximum forward speed. As conditions change and the engine load fluctuates, the ground speed will be adjusted to ensure disc speed and header power are maintained. An industry exclusive, the Eco Cruise Mode allows you to control the ground speed and set the desired engine speed range. In light to medium crops, this mode lowers engine speed while ground speed remains constant to reduce noise and fuel consumption. When heavier crop is encountered, engine speed is automatically increased, while ground speed remains constant.

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Repetitive activities increase your fatigue and decrease your productivity. When long days of cutting turn into nights, that means fewer acres mown per hour. Headland Management Automation makes headland turns effortless and enhances pass-to-pass accuracy. With the simple push of the dedicated button, this customizable precision solution controls ground speed, header lift, and even merger lift to reduce fatigue and maintain high productivity.

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