GENESIS® T8 Series with PLM Intelligence™



Super safe, super stable transport.

For today’s modern farmers and contractors, high speed transport is a fundamental part of daily life. Whether you are travelling between clients or between far flung fields, you will appreciate the T8 Genesis™ impressive road handling. Outstanding visibility, precision Auto Command™ speed control and a range of braking options, make the GENESIS® T8 a true road cruiser. Super safe, super stable transport.

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Brake assist for tighter turning

In order to deliver enhanced turning performance, the brake assist feature has been developed for the GENESIS® T8 range. As soon as the turn is initiated, a controlled braking force is applied to the rear inside wheel to assist in delivering tighter turns.

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Safe Braking technology

The GENESIS® T8 can be specified with an engine exhaust brake, which is activated by a foot pedal, or the Auto Command transmission ratio can be manually locked whilst braking. Pushing the shuttle button on the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle in the direction of travel will lock the transmission ratio. This provides increased engine braking but also allows the tractor and trailer to slow at the same rate, avoiding the risk of a jack-knife situation on slippery surfaces.

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CustomSteer™ variable ratio steering

The optional CustomSteer™ function puts you in control of steering wheel inputs. Through the IntelliView™ 12 monitor or via a dedicated switch, you can control just how many turns of the wheel are required for lock-to-lock functionality. If you want to conduct tight turns, say when turning on the headland, you can program the tractor to deliver lock-to-lock turning with anything as few as one complete steering wheel revolution, instead of the standard four. Saving you time and effort.

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Tire pressure monitoring system

Operators can check the pressure of up to 16 tires with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Sensors on each tire transmit via wireless to an antenna within the cab roof. For each tire the operator can input the ideal working pressure for a specific task. The pressure values are saved against the implement name within the IntelliView™ 12 monitor, so you only need store settings once. An on screen warning then alerts the operator if the pressures are not in line with the ideal value. The TPMS benefits operational efficiency, warning if the pressures are set incorrectly, and provides an early warning of any potential punctures on a trailer for example.

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