GENESIS® T8 Series with PLM Intelligence™



Connected. Productive. Efficient.

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and split second decisions have an enormous impact on your business’ profitability. New Holland’s goal was to place farm managers and contractors in every field, even when they are sometimes hundreds of miles away. This is now possible thanks to MyPLM® Connect. Using mobile telephone technology, users receive dynamic, real-time information on every machine working in their field and can analyze that data to make correct decisions for each and every machine in each and every field.

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Telematics: manage your machine from the comfort of your office

MyPLM® Connect enables you to connect to your GENESIS® T8 from the comfort of your office through the utilization of the mobile network. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times, and you can even send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. The entry-level MyPLM® Connect Essential package offers the most frequently used features or upgrade to the MyPLM® Connect Professional package for full machine monitoring and control. In short, MyPLM® Connect will help you to reduce your fuel bills and improve fleet management and security in one simple package.

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MyPLM®Connect Professional package free for 5 years on GENESIS® T8 range

Assisting fleet managers to make right time decision. Providing real time field data at your fingertips. Enabling accurate data management to improve operating efficiency. This all now comes as standard across the entire GENESIS® T8 range, with MyPLM® Connect. What’s more, in order to improve your uptime, New Holland’s Breakdown Assist service has been fully integrated, free of charge.

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Access to MyPLM®Connect Portal through MyNew Holland™

MyNew Holland™ provides owners and users the ability to view and manage their machinery fleets online. Users will be able to access a range of information such as operator manuals and how-to videos as well as an option to view activations and subscriptions via the live link to the VMS tool. Users can even make purchase requests direct with their dealer to activate a service or takeout a subscription. MyNew Holland™ also provides direct access to the MyPLM® Connect Portal.

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Advanced Support
When you’re operating a tractor that measures productivity and precision in seconds and millimeters, you have no patience for “downtime”. With MyPLM® Connect you can stay in touch with your machines at all times, from anywhere. We have incorporated remote connectivity to provide New Holland Remote Assistance, advanced diagnostics, IntelliView™ Connect remote Display Viewing and software updates.

Customer-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Allows you to run your farm business from the cab, the farm office or the other side of the world.

Dealer-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Helps you minimize downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring and diagnostics and in-field software updates.

Advisor-to-Vehicle Connectivity
Let’s you stay in touch with, agronomists and other experts to improve decision-making on the move.

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PLM® Certified Dealers

In order to deliver top quality service and support, New Holland has developed the PLM® Certified Dealer program. Wherever you see this logo, you’re sure to find experts to support your PLM® investments.

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