GENESIS® T8 Series with PLM Intelligence™



Experience a revolution in tractor operation.

An ergonomic, spacious and practical operator environment is a must for day-long productivity. That is what New Holland’s industry leading T8 cab delivers. Want all round visibility? Whether you’re in the yard, in the field or on the road, you’ll have an uninterrupted productivity enhancing view. Always. The ultra wide opening door facilitate access for easier entry and exit.

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Enhanced comfort

The T8 range’s steering wheel now has separate tilt and telescopic adjustment as standard, which makes it even easier for operators to select a comfortable working position, invaluable when spending long hours in the field or on the road.

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Intuitive climate controls

The entire air conditioning system has been redesigned, with a powerful two zone cooling system and precision positioned vents to ensure whole body comfort. All controls have been ergonomically relocated to the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest, making on the go adjustments even easier.

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Eyes in the back of your head

The standard enlarged wing mirrors feature an adjustable top section for the best possible view of the road during high-speed transport. The adjustable lower section has been designed to effectively counteract blind spots. Additional options included heated wing mirrors, and entire wing mirror electronic laterally extension to enhance visibility when working with the widest loads.

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Front and rear sun-visors

The front and rear sun visors have been fully integrated into the cab design, so that when they are not in use you have an uninterrupted view. They can be pulled up and down from the comfort of the seat without stretching.

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Stay refreshed on the hottest days

The optional portable coolbox mounted to the right of the operator seat can be easily removed for replenishment.

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The ultimate in farming comfort

New Holland brings to you the best-in class seat offering, with two different models to choose from. All seats benefit from improved cushioning. These firmer, more durable seat cushions provide outstanding comfort whatever the terrain.

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Plenty of room for all
A standard, full-size upholstered instructor seat folds down to provide a work surface when not in use.

Auto Comfort™ seat
The ventilated Auto Comfort™ seat offers a premier seating experience. With automatic weight compensation, active suspension, heating and even a ventilation system that cools and removes moisture, this is perfect for operators who spend extended hours in the tractor. The seat is trimmed in blue and grey leather.

Dynamic Comfort™ seat
The Dynamic Comfort Seat boasts an enhanced low frequency suspension mechanism. The stitched cushions, finished in a stylish cloth, also feature two stage heating.

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Bright lights for dark nights.

Lighting up the way for improved night time productivity and total safety is a key New Holland priority, accomplished by bringing into the farming world the latest automotive sector innovations, such as LED lights. The lighting offering features up to 24 LED lights. Brighter and consuming less power than their standard equivalent, these lights offer a broad spread of white light, turning night into day. When the range-topping package is specified, this delivers 49,400 lumens, which is over 30% more light than the previous T8 range. Up to 6 lights can be fitted to the front and up to 8 lights can be fitted to the rear of the roof, while high level headlamps light up the distance and pave the way for non-stop operation.

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Choose a lighting package to suit you

Two cab LED lighting packages are available, including Level 1 with 18 lights (photo 1), and Level 2 with 24 lights (photo2). Both come in various configurations to suit your individual requirements.

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Fully adjustable lights

The optional 360º package includes an adjustable light at each corner of the cab. Customizable on-off lighting combinations are available, and activated via two lighting memory switches, which can turn on/off banks of lights. Ideal when working alongside a combine harvester, for example.

LED lights are efficiency itself: more light, more durability, less power consumption.

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