The new Horizon™ Ultra cab has not become the quietest tractor cab in the industry by accident. From the start, protecting the operator from the external environment was the focus of our engineers’ attention. The low 66 dBA noise level is an impressive value made possible by the new robotically welded cab frame and how it’s isolated from the tractor’s driveline. Noise quality has also been targeted resulting in upgrades to transmission components.

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The new Horizon™ Ultra cab design is all about space. An enlarged frame creates more comfortable and functional room for the operator and extra storage space. Cab volume has increase 8% with a 33% wider cab entry, and a 14% larger door. It’s not just a larger physical cab, the feeling of space is enhanced by clever design that places the operator’s head further away from front and rear window. The wheel arches are lower to make the cab feel more open, storage areas are integrated and not in the way, and the cab fit and finish offers a true automotive feel.

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The Horizon™ Ultra cab design includes 11% more glass area than the original Horizon cab. The front windshield has a curved upper beam to enhance the forward view, and the rear the window is lengthened for an even better view of implements.

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There’s plenty of space for storage in the open area behind the operator’s seat. Beneath the passenger seat is a five-gallon (20-litre) cooled compartment, while a covered area is found behind this seat. Open storage trays are located on the right side of the cab and a netted storage bin is located in the roof bezel.

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The main connection panel, located in the right rear corner of the cab, contains ISOBUS, camera and power connectors. Multiple USB charging points, DC power output and additional power sockets are logically located around the cab. For example, next to the foot throttle is a 12v output to power the optional portable cooler.

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Controlled from the armrest keypad or IntelliView™ 12 monitor, twin blower fans deliver up to 850 cubic yards (650m3) of air for very rapid cool down times, while five selectable zones direct air around the operator. Heated mirrors, front and rear screens can all be linked to the single defrost button.

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Isolating the driver from the daily rigors of working in fields and tracks is handled by the standard Terraglide™ front axle suspension, the mechanical Comfort Ride™ cab suspension, and the widest selection of operator’s seats.

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Standard Mechanical Comfort Ride™
The standard mechanical Comfort Ride™ cab provides proven operator comfort. The cab’s spring and dampers are optimized to provide over 6 inches of travel, and the cab mounts are designed to reduce cab roll by up to 22% to ensure operator comfort. Cab roll is controlled, and three levels of ride can be selected. Cab and operator are completely isolated and virtually decoupled from the rest of the tractor.

Hydraulic Comfort Ride™ Semi-Active Cab Suspension
The Hydraulic Comfort Ride™ semi-active cab suspension with sky-hook control offers superior comfort giving the operator the ability to adjust and customize their field or road conditions. The semi-active cab’s rear dampers were replaced with hydraulic cylinders with integrated accumulators, control values and positional sensors. Auto leveling compensates for weight variations by maintaining mid-suspension position. Cab roll is controlled, and three adjustable ride levels can be selected: normal, hard and soft to enhance the operator experience.

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The comprehensive choice of seats available allows the operator to select the level of technology required. The Auto Comfort™ seat includes a cooling moisture-extraction system and multi-stage heating.
Three seat choices:

Comfort Pack (Base seat)
• Fabric seat
• Automatic weight adjustment
• Low frequency suspension
• Adjustable damper and fore/aft isolation
• Cushion tilt/depth adjustment
• Manual lumbar adjustment
• Adaptive swivel back seat
• Standard front windshield

Dynamic Comfort Pack (includes everything in the Comfort Pack seat with the following upgrades)
• Fabric w/ Leather trim seat
• Carpet
• Ambient lighting
• Dynamic damper
• Pneumatic lumbar adjustment
• Heating
• Laminated & hydrophobic front windshield

Auto Comfort Pack (includes everything in the Dynamic Comfort Pack seat with the following upgrades)
• Leather seat
• Electronic weight adjustment
• Lateral float isolation (NEW)
• Heating & ventilation

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Thanks to an exceptionally low noise level, the operator can make the most of listening to media through a four-speaker audio system. The optional subwoofer adds extra power. Built-in Bluetooth provides convenient hands-free mobile use. The satellite radio can stream media from a tablet or phone over Bluetooth and also relay your mobile calls. A media keypad area on the armrest provides full control of connected devices.

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The T7 Heavy Duty boasts an impressive 45,600 lumens of available and full-function lighting power. A pair of rear cab corner lights are long-range lights that can illuminate the extreme corners of the widest implement at night. Similar lights are positioned over the hood to shine down the field. Two configurable memories can have any lights assigned to them to quickly switch light patterns—from left to right when working alongside a combine or forage harvester, for example.

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LED driving lights—both hood-mounted and high level—add clarity to the darkest road. Smart switching of high and low beams can be assigned to a configurable button on the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, allowing the operator to focus on the road. The rear fender worklights double up as reversing lights, automatically illuminating when reverse is selected. A sensor automatically turns on the tractor’s road lights at dusk.

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