Standard Optional
New Holland engine*
New Holland engine*
No. of cylinders / Aspiration / Valves
Compliant with engine emissions regulations
ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Fuel system - High pressure Common Rail
Approved biodiesel blend**
Capacity cu. in (cu. cm)
Bore and Stroke in (mm)
Max. horsepower - ISO TR14396- ECE R120 kW/hp (CV)
Rated horsepower - ISO TR14396- ECE R120 kW/hp (CV)
Torque rise %
Reversible fan
Rated engine speed (rpm)
Max. torque ISO TR14396 ft-lb (Nm)
Diesel tank capacity Standard gal (L)
AdBlue tank capacity gal (L)
Service interval hours
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
6 / eVGT / 46 / eVGT / 4
Stage VStage V
410.57 (6728)410.57 (6728)
4.09x 5.2 (104x132)4.09x 5.2 (104x132)
212/290 (291.99)230/313 (317.34)
199/270 (273.75)221/300 (304.161)
880.65 (1194) @ 1400rpm945.55 (1282) @ 1400rpm
166.43 (630)166.43 (630)
25.36 (96)25.36 (96)
Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission
3 Transmission aggressiveness settings
Active StopStart function
Force base propulsion control
Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (31mph/50kph ECO)
Min. speed / Max. speed mph (kph)
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
0.03 / 31(50) @ 1600rpm0.03 / 31(50) @ 1600rpm
12 Volt alternator Standard amps
Battery capacity CCA / Ah
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
1700 / 1361700 / 136
Terraglide™ front axle suspension
Steering angle (degrees)
Terralock™ functions (Auto Diff lock / Auto 4WD)
CustomSteer™ system
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS)
Main pump flow Standard / MegaFlow™ option gpm (Lpm)
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
43.59(165) / 58.12(220)43.59(165) / 58.12(220)
Remote valves
Max. no. rear valves
Joystick control
Max. no. mid mount valves
Front remotes via a mid mount valve
Customisable remote configuration
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
Max. lift capacity at ball ends lbs (kg)
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
26526 (12032)26526 (12032)
Auto Soft Start
Rear PTO Engine speed at 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E rpm
Front two speed PTO (1000rpm)
Front PTO Engine speed at 1000 / 1000E
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
1930 / 1598 / 1853 / 15831930 / 1598 / 1853 / 1583
1890 / 15851890 / 1585
Electro Hydraulic park brake
Optional ABS braking system
Intelligent Trailer Brake system
Optional ABS SuperSteer™ system
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
PLM Intelligence™ system
PLM Intelligence™ system
IntelliView™ 12 color monitor
SideWinder™ Ultra armrest
CommandGrip™ handle
InfoView™ instrument cluster
CenterView™ Steering Display
IntelliSteer® guidance ready
PLM® Accuracy signals (PLM 1, PLM2, & PLM RTK / PLM RTK+)
PLM® Cygnus receiver
IntelliTurn™ with Headland turn sequencing II (HTS II) system
IntelliField™ guidance line sharing
MyPLM®Connect telematics (1st years subscription free)
Remote Assistance (1st years subscription free)
Processing & Connectivity Module (P&CM)
New Holland Remote Assistance
IntelliView™ Connect remote display
New Holland Breakdown Assist
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
16 LED lighting pack
24 LED 360 degree lighting pack
Comfort Ride™ cab suspension
Auto Comfort™ Active Climate Control, leather seat with seat belt
Auto Comfort™ Active Climate Control, Blue Power trim with seat belt
Instructors seat with seat belt
Luxury Pack (Leather Steering wheel and carpet)
Four way adjustment of SideWinder™ Ultra armrest
Telescopic steering wheel adjustment
170° front hood mounted and cab pillar rear facing cameras
Push button engine start/stop
Multi-Vent Air conditioning
Automatic climate control
Air recirculation filter
Large portable coolbox
Fender mounted external engine stop function
Tire pressure monitoring system (Up to 16 individual tires)
Optimum cab noise level - 77/311EEC (dB(A)
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
Minimum unballasted / shipping weights lb (kg)
Max. permissible weight at 31mph (50kph) (Class 4) lb (kg)
T7.290 HDT7.315 HD
23148 (10500)23148 (10500)
35274 (16000)35274 (16000)
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