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New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM™) is developing leading-edge technologies to help you manage the entire crop production cycle. We’ve integrated technologies into our machines that can help you reduce input cost, make informed decisions and increase yield production. PLM solutions are designed to provide you with an open architecture that is easy to use, and offer the flexibility to work with mixed fleets of equipment and implements. Our intuitive technologies can keep you connected with your machines in the field, optimizing fleet logistics and machine run times, while helping streamline field data into valuable insights and informed decisions. New Holland is committed to providing solutions that can be tailored to your farm needs, helping improve efficiencies and yields.

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Fully integrated IntelliSteer™ auto guidance

All T7 Series tractors can be factory fitted with IntelliSteer auto guidance for hands-free steering, and accuracy as precise as sub-inch to help you better maximize productivity and efficiency. Choose from a wide range of accuracy levels to best match your operation’s needs, and select from a variety of field patterns to match any shape field.

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Intelliview™ IV touchscreen display

The 10.4-inch IntelliView IV touchscreen display is standard in T7 Series tractors with the SideWinder™ II armrest. It provides a single display solution for both controlling key tractor functions and running precision applications such as IntelliSteer™ auto guidance, as-applied mapping, and implement control. (Implement control can be achieved using PLM™ IntelliRate™ Control or the PLM ISOBUS task controller.) The IntelliView display allows you to program a variety of guidance patterns, personalize your settings and has PLM Connect compatibly for easy and secure transfer of data through the New Holland cloud to your farm office or mobile device. A dual IntelliView IV display option is also available for operators who appreciate the convenience of two screens—for instance, using one to monitor machine functions and the second to run precision applications.

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Telematics: Manage your machine from the comfort of your office

MyPLM™Connect lets you connect to your T7 tyractor from the comfort of your office or through your mobile device from anywhere. Stay in touch with your machines and send and receive real-time information to save time and enhance productivity. The MyPLM™Connect Advanced Subscription not only provides full machine monitoring, but also includes file transfer so you can send or receive data files to or from your T7. Depending on options, files can include boundaries, guidance lines, speed, yield, moisture layers, and more. With MyPLM™Connect you’ll know what is happening in your field and be able to make real-time decisions to better manage your operation.

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