The refined New Holland Headland Sequencer II system combines simple programming and recall with the potential for advanced modification to make it even easier to improve in-field efficiency. The system allows the operator to record and store the sequence of operations at the headland, and play the sequence back automatically with the push of a button. To modify pre-programmed sequences, operators use the IntelliView™ IV display to fine tune them to ensure they are right for every individual field and crop. It also helps reduce fatigue over extended working periods.

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Most fields have varying crop yields, and the resulting inconsistent swaths make it difficult to maintain a constant feed rate when baling. New Holland’s ISOBUS Class 3 IntelliCruise Tractor/Baler Automation can make the adjustments for you!

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IntelliCruise automatically matches the tractor’s forward speed to crop load at the BigBaler. A charge sensor on the BigBaler’s stuffer continually monitors the bale charges, or slices, delivered to the bale chamber. The system measures the demand placed on the baler and adjust the tractor’s forward speed for optimal crop feeding. In areas with lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases so you consistently work at the capacity you specify. Using the IntelliCruise system results in:
• Dramatically reduces operator fatigue
• Up to 9% higher capacity and productivity compared to an inexperienced or fatigued operator
• Lower fuel consumption for lower production cost
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Charge Control Mode: The tractor speed is adjusted to achieve optimum feed rate capacity. The sensor paddles measure the throughput of crop yield fed into the pre-charge chamber and the time to fill the chamber is measured.
Slice Control Mode: The tractor’s speed is adjusted according to bale slice thickness and the system will strive to obtain the number of slices per bale (with corresponding slide thickness based on pre-set bale length) defined by the operator.

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Tire Pressure System

Proper tire pressure can have a big impact on tractor performance and fuel economy, yet checking for proper inflation is rarely part of a daily routine. Incorrect tire pressure can lead to slippage, rolling resistance or uncomfortable bouncing and vibration.

Available as an option on the T7.290 and T7.315 models, the tire pressure monitoring system allows the operator to monitor both tractor and implement tires through the IntelliView™ IV color display. The system uses a specialized valve cap to wirelessly transmit the information to the tractor display and provides a warning if the tire pressure valve moves outside of your predefined threshold level. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can have a major impact on improving fuel economy, ride quality and overall efficiency.

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