Growing production demands, resource challenges, labor shortages, weather uncertainties... these are just a few of the obstacles you face every day. You need a dependable partner in the field to help you simplify things. One that knows your operation inside and out. That connects you effortlessly to real-time resources and insights. That adapts to the way you work... not the other way around. Introducing the Genesis® T8 with PLM Intelligence™


When the time comes to deliver precision results in the field, there’s no room for a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every operator has their own unique preferences and requirements with their IntelliView display. So, on the Genesis T8 with PLM Intelligence we built your controls package around the revolutionary idea that custom adjustments should come standard.

Variable hydraulic technology on the Genesis® T8 with PLM Intelligence™ lets you control all eight remote valves from any of 15 in-cab hydraulic buttons. Up to nine configurable buttons let you customize armrest controls to the operator or the task at hand.

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Whether you’re in an open field or on a busy road, awareness of your surroundings is essential. We’ve reduced in-cab obstructions, placed your InfoView™ monitor in direct line-of-sight and even installed a nose mounted camera and a rear facing camera for road safety and in-field work. Redesigned cab and instrument layout provides you with nearly 360-degrees of visibility. Welcome to your new horizon.

Additional cab lights and controls let you configure custom lighting patterns, choose from three different lighting packages and turn night into day. Plus strategically placed cameras offer additional safety, visibility and peace of mind. In the field or on the road.


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With all the hours you spend in the field, shouldn’t work feel a little more like home? We think so. That’s why we’ve added more accessible storage, power ports, HVAC vents, egress lights and the most comfortable seat outside of your living room: Multi-zone HVAC system ensures optimal comfort, control and visibility no matter the climate or season. Additionally, redesigned SideWinder™ Ultra armrest offers multi-directional, independent motion to provide nearly infinite comfort configurations.

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When there's no time for "downtime," you need a tractor that measures productivity and precision in seconds and inches. We engineered New Holland Remote Assistance to provide remote connectivity, advanced diagnostics, and remote display viewing whenever, and wherever you need it.

Customer-to-Vehicle connectivity allows you to run your farm business from the cab, the farm office or the other side of the world.

Dealer-to-Vehicle connectivity helps you minimize downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and in-field software updates.

Advisor-to-Vehicle connectivity lets you stay in touch with nutritionists, agronomists and other experts to improve decision-making on the move.

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True innovation doesn’t require an advanced degree to operate. To help you harness all of the powerful features and technologies built into the new T8, we developed a user-friendly interface that feels as natural and instinctual as agriculture itself.

Improved button orientation and handle ergonomics put precision command in your hands and enhanced joystick design lets you control tractor transmission functions as well as hydraulic remotes. Easily split screens, expand tiles, and set up tasks right from the homescreen on the new IntelliView 12™ in-cab display. Plus bluetooth connection allows you to control phone and radio through armrest or display.

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