Bales that Work Harder

Once you’ve prepared and baled your crop, it’s time to calculate costs per acre, profits and storage. If you’ve done everything right, your denser bales have saved you money on net and film wrap, plus lower bale transportation and handling costs. Better yet, denser bales require less room to store, so you reduce waste with fewer bales left out in the elements.

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Save on Net and Film Wrap

Fewer bales mean less money spent on wrapping. You’ll save more than $1 per bale on net wrap only. Film wrap your bales and you’ll save more than $3 per bale compared to the leading competitor. It pays to bale better.

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Increased Bunk Life

Denser bales result in up to 25 hours longer whole-bale bunk life and more animal intake before spoilage. Up to 29% of competitive bales spoil and go to waste. On the other hand, high-density bales using a New Holland baler last longer while providing better feeding value to increase animal performance and reduce feed costs.³

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Storage and Freight Savings

With fewer bales to store and move, you’ll save even more. Storage losses can really add up. You’ll prevent storage losses of up to $7.50 per bale thanks to fewer, denser bales. Better yet, you can save up to $3.15 per bale on freight, as you’ll be moving fewer bales.

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G5040 Combi Bale Wrapper

Combine the productivity of a New Holland Roll-Belt™ round baler with an integrated Combi bale wrapper and you can bale and wrap simultaneously for instant quality results. Since there’s no need to make a second pass through the field, you save time, manpower and fuel. Making one trip also reduces ground compaction and plant damage to promote faster regrowth time and increased yield on subsequent harvests.

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Download the PSU high-density round bale study fact sheet

See the data for yourself and discover why bale density matters when it comes to baleage quality. Download the latest research from Penn State University now.

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New Holland has been perfecting the science of better baling for decades.
Now put our field-proven knowledge to work for you with this convenient cost savings calculator.

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See what you can save with New Holland

¹ 5x6 round bales with a 39% density difference, 4,000 dense bale yield vs. 6,500 less-dense bale yield, 56.5 ft. net per bale, 3 wraps/bale @ $0.029 ft., film wrap @ $0.053/ft. and 16 bales wrapped per film roll.
² 5x6 bales, assumes 29% waste on 6,500 bales, 1,464 lbs./each @ $130/ton.
³ Penn State Bale Density Study
⁴ 5x6 round bales with a 39% density difference, 4,000 dense bale yield vs. 6,500 less-dense bale yield, 30 bales per semi load, 75 mile one way delivery distance, freight charges $2.00/loaded mile.

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